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Written by: Heath Gooden

Boarding day for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Junkies is by far the most exciting day for us! We always fly out the day before we board the ship to ensure we wont get left.  You’re probably reading this and wondering, how is that possible, well, it happened to a  few family members of ours.  So, we always fly out the day before.  


Our morning of boarding day consist of: me waking up, getting my wife something to eat and making sure she’s taken care of.  We pray, prayer is essential in our life and it’s part of our morning ritual!

Before we checkout of the hotel, my wife always plans a photoshoot. In any given vacation, she takes what seems like to me, a million pictures and videos.  At the time, I’m like ugh, another picture/video, but, I can honestly say, I love scrolling back and watching our life unfold into a time capsule of the best remember when memories.  

Over the years, we became wiser, explored different transportation options and for us, taking a taxi is cheaper. Remember, always check Uber or Lyft prices before locking in the pickup and if they happen to be cheaper, lock that pickup in.  Saving your money for the ship!!





We always check our table arrangement!  We’ve experienced a few slip ups, where our table accidentally wasn’t reserved.  Yes, we call always book a table for two in advance, but mistakes happen. No one is perfect, mistakes happen and we deal with it early!  We love our intimate table for two setting!  I love my wife, our conversation and her laughter!



We love to explore the ship, especially if it’s our first time on that particular ship/class!  In the mist of our exploration, we have to stop by Sorrento’s 🍕, it’s my wife’s favorite eatery spot and she always gets two veggie pizzas.  Me on the other than, I love the  Windjammer.

In the midst of our exploration, if we have carry on luggage, and if the rooms are open, we’ll drop them off and head over to our assigned muster station for checkin.  



Finally, we are able to lounge out on day one after we’ve explored the ship.  Now, we both LOVE to lounge out, but, we both don’t love the locations.  My wife loves to lounge out in the sun, me, not so much! But, we compromise very well! As long my legs, are the only things in the sun, I’m good 😂.  Being bald, the sweat tends to fun rather quickly.  It’s almost as if my wife has a built in AC unit, where she’s rarely ever hot! 

All photos and content are property of Royal Caribbean Cruise Junkies

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