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What’s Complimentary onboard? 

All food and beverages , except for specialty restaurants  and specialty drinks are free onboard the ship!  

How do I find out what the dress code is onboard?

You’re on vacation but if you know to know themed attire. Check out the

Do I have to use a credit card for onboard expenses?

No, you can use a cash account when you get onboard.  If you use a credit card, a hold of $100 will be placed initially. 

Is the Wi-Fi  package worth it?

Yes!  When “VOOM Surf + Stream Internet Package” is a great way to stay via social media and you can also make phone calls!

Be sure to ALWAYS have your phone on Airplane mode or you’ll regret!

Can I use Wi-Fi at Royal Caribbean’s private Islands?

Yes!  If you purchased the Wi-Fi package onboard or before your sailing, it’s useable on the private islands too!

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I noticed my excursion, internet, beverage packages etc., is cheaper, can I get a refund?

Yes!  Cancel the item you no longer want and repurchase it at the lower price or have your travel agent handle it for you!

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