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Welcome Cruise & Travel Junkies 

Hi, We ARE the Royal Caribbean Cruise Junkie!

Heath & Val are avid cruise junkies who love traveling the world, building everlasting memories and MEETING people along the way!

We treat each sailing as if it’s our FIRST cruise, because embarkation day is super exciting!  Come on, I know y’all avid cruise junkies, feel the same way too 🤪!



In the Summer of 2004, Heath and Val were in the planning stages of their wedding. Heath had a small lump on the right side of his head, and he went to see a specialist for cosmetic surgery. Long and behold, the surgeon stated they wanted to do a biopsy beforehand. The results came back to be cancerous, and Heath was given six-months to live. After battling cancer for several years and spreading throughout his body, he finally beat cancer on July 3, 2006.

After reflecting on life and how it can be taken from you in a blink of an eye, it made them value life, appreciate their oneness, and realize tomorrow is NOT promised. They finally moved forward with their wedding on August 14, 2007. Yup, finally they made it to the alter, three painful years later, but one thing they can say, it was the most challenging but blessed waiting period of their life. Now, don’t get it wrong, they cried many nights and never thought Heath would live beyond the six- month period. But, by the grace and mercy of God, he’s here today, nineteen years later and counting, he’s cancer free. You’re probably reading this and wondering how can they be so positive in the midst of the hell-storm they went through. Heath and Val only had one explanation, they never lost HOPE! So, here they are today, spreading their life’s journey, with you all, and how the two of them became, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Junkies! Let’s get started!

Heath and Val’s fascination of cruising all began with their very FIRST cruise or rather, Their ROYAL Wedding at SEA, which took place on August 14, 2007, onboard the Enchantment of The Seas AND YES, Royal Caribbean International did the entire wedding onboard, with all the bells and whistles one can ever dream of. What were the bells & whistles you ask???

  1. They had the pleasure of traveling with a lot of family & friends (20+)

  2. They had the BEST travel agent one could ever ask for. Her name is Diana Mansure and at the time she worked for Liberty Travel Agency! She is beyond amazing, and they still keep in touch with her this very day! Diana, set everything up for their guest and the accommodations prior to boarding. The accommodations consisted of: Flight and Hotel arrangements (the day before boarding day), Special gift from her delivered to their suite, Marriage license, Marriage officiant, Flowers, Royal Caribbean Personal Photographer for the entire day, Personal concierge, Wedding Cakes, Closed off the Viking Lounge for their reception, Group seating at dinner and events, Unlimited beverages, Grand Suite and all of the photo were in albums and delivered to them before the conclusion of the evening.

  3. They had the opportunity to get married in Key West.

  4. Their 5 Day cruise was treated as the reception and celebrated their Honeymoon aboard!

Lastly, Heath and Val’s FIRST cruise definitely ignited a spark or something inside of them, but, they didn’t know what it was, just yet. After their wedding in 2007, they only cruised once a year due to the fact their daughter was in private school and only had three weeks off during the school calendar year. So, they made the best of it and cruised around her schooling. It wasn’t until their daughter’s sophomore year in college, that their obsession of cruising really took off. They went from cruising once a year, to three and sometimes, four times a year. Well, as you can see, the rest

is history, THEIR FLAME 🔥 is lit and the torch is NOT going out! Now you know how they got started, how the cruising addiction grew and through it all, they simply LOVE cruising, making memories and meeting people along the way!

Chow, Chow......Hope to meet you all one day!




Our Souvenir “POKER CHIPS”


All photos and content, are property of Royal Caribbean Cruise Junkies

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