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Photos are property of Royal Caribbean Cruise Junkies

Royal Caribbean Cruise Junkies often drive to port, especially when we’re sailing out of Bayonne, NJ because we live local.  Although, we have driven to other ports, in our opinion, Cape Liberty Cruise port is by far the most expensive port, we’ve experienced!  

The list of ports listed below are ports we’ve actually driven to.  

Page will be updated periodically!


Bayonne, New Jersey

The parking garage is adjacent to the cruise terminal and they have other parking that’s a little further.  Parking at Cape Liberty was just increased from $25 per day, including taxed to a whopping $30 per day.  This change went into effect on May 1, 2023!  

If you live within the area, we suggest comparing car service rates!  Although, we love driving to port, we also use a car service! 


Traveling to Port Canaveral, plan ahead because you ca no longer secure your pre-paid parking!  The rate are her sailing not per day. According to Port Canaveral Cruise Port Parking, the rates are listed as:

  • 3 Night/4 Days - $68.00

  • 4 Nights/5 Days - $85.00

  • 5 Nights/6 Days - $102.00

  • 6 Nights/7 Days - $119.00

  • 7 Nights/8 Days - $136.00

  • 8 Nights/9 Days - $153.00

Terminal A Garage

The GOOD, the Bad and the Ugly about parking in Port of Miami!

We’ve cruised out of Miami several times but driven to Miami twice and decided never to drive again.  Why?  Someone siphoned our gas, and, since it’s park at your own risk, there was nothing anyone could do to assist.  

This cruise port park has fluctuating rates based on the length of your sailing, but, it’s still cheaper than Bayonne, NJ. If you’re sailing 6+ nights out of Port of Miami the rate is $25 per night.  However, as of  January 15, 2022, new rates for sailing 5 or less nights was increased to $28 per night.

In the event you lost your ticket, you’ll be paying $242, which is equivalent to a 11 day sailing!  So, Secure that Ticket or else you’ll be paying!!  Lastly, debit cards are Not accepted…..Cash and all other major credit cards are.


This port is very secure and you can conveniently pre-pay in advance.  Simply go online select your sailing (Royal Caribbean), select your sail month, select your ship and which category you would like to pre-pay:

  • Self Parking 

  • Valet Parking 

  • Oversized Parking

Prices vary based on the days of your sailing, but Tampa is by far the cheapest, in our opinion!

In need of Disabled Parking?  Check the cruise port in advance, because some are FREE, you simply have to show your credentials!

Photos and content are property of Royal Caribbean Cruise Junkies

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